Interior House Painters

How do we approach interior painting? We believe that interior painting begins with carefully preparing the home. Our interior painters focus on protecting the home by moving the furniture either out of the room or into the middle of the room. We provide coverings with high quality drop clothes to make sure that the paint doesn’t come into contact with your furniture or floors.

Next, we prepare the surface of the walls. Our house painters are trained in fixing minor cracks or drywall dents. They are also trained in preparing the surface by either sanding or scraping the paint in order to establish a smooth surface where the paint will adhere. Our interior house painting process next focuses on priming the wall if needed. Following this, we believe in order to have a high quality paint job it is important to choose a quality paint with at least two coats of paint. Ask your Michigan Pure Painting contractor what paints they would recommend.

Finally, after the interior painting is completed, we follow up by providing a thorough clean up as well as moving all of the furniture back to its original place. We hope this is helpful in explaining the way we approach our interior house painting. If you have any questions or would like a free estimate for our Canton, Monroe, Ann Arbor service areas, then please feel free to contact us.