Ann Arbor MI Yearly Events Festivals


No matter the weather conditions in Ann Arbor, the celebration is part and parcel of their day-to-day life. This incredible town of Michigan hosts the best and biggest annual events – including Mian Street fairs and nationally recognized music & film festivals. To ensure that you’re not missing out on any of these events, we’ll opt to list and detail every special annual event that occurs in this part of the world – and surprisingly, most of these events have been in existence for the last 50 years.


Ann Arbor Folk Festival – January

This fundraiser event for The Ark was started in 1977 and stood as among the most awaited Ann Arbor events always. Brandi Carlile, Haley Heynderickx, Rufus Wainwright, Gregory Alan Isakov are hosted in Hill Auditorium in about two days. Tickets are usually sold out every year; therefore, ensure to track The Ark through Facebook to stay posted.


Ann Arbor Restaurant Week – January & June

This event is normally done twice a year, and the popular main street area association undertakes it. This special event attracts many participants of restaurant owners in the entire town that provide special dinner/launch menus for a standard price. It is a one-of-a-kind chance you get to acquaint yourself with some of the city’s best town eats.


Ann Arbor Film Festival – March

This should be one of the most loved and liked Ann Arbor’s events that present forty programs with over 180-films from across 20-countries picking all genres and lengths like performance-based works, fiction, documentary, animation, and experimental. The event was born in 1963 by George Manupelli, and as it looks, this festival is the oldest in North America.


Ann Arbor Marathon -March

Whether you’re running your tenth marathon or walking your initial 5K, this exceptional Epic Races delivers everyone something. Starting just at the backyard of the “Big House,” every course ends via downtown Ann Arbor and via Michigan University.


FOOLmoon -April

FOOLmoon is among the best annual event for the community. Hosted by the Wonderful productions, this event is a night period ideal for opening a very foolish weekend. Additionally, this celebration is done in Ann Arbor with countless handmade luminaries, dancing, and laughing.


FestiFools -April

This event is usually held in April. It is performed during the day, full of art and foolishness. The art and other creations are made by U-M students and most members of society. You always come up with your puppet, or you can opt to watch those colorful creations in the main street.


Cinetopia film festival -May

It is held in May by the Southeast Michigan community. This festival features some lengthy dramas, documentaries, and comedies usually shown at film festivals. Apart from screenings, there are some post-film events such as presentations and Q&A sessions with different directors. It is mostly hosted in the Michigan theatre, state theatre, and many other places in Michigan.


Huron River Day -May

This is usually done to celebrate the beautiful Huron River. It is held during the day and is full of free and fun activities. It has several attractions such as a butterfly house, a classic boat show, live music, and many more. You can as well watch live animals from Leslie Science & Nature Center.


Ann Arbor Restaurant week -January & June

It is usually hosted twice a year, in January and June. This event is well known to bring together up to 50 restaurants in town and is held by Main Street Area Association. The special lunch and dinner menus are offered at a fixed price for everyone. So, it is usually a great opportunity for anyone to get to taste those local dishes.


Ann Arbor Summer Festival -June

This festival is held in June every year. It offers the best when it comes to comedy, food, jazz, cinema, pop, comedy, rock, etc. Some may require tickets to enter the venues, but they are mostly admission-free to allow most people to attend. It is held as workshops, classes, and concerts.


Ann Arbor Blues Festival -August

Here, blue lovers come together at Washtenaw Farm Council Fairgrounds for a music event that is suitable for everyone. This festival was first held in August 1969, and it has since been held in August every year.


Midnight Madness -November

As the shopping season approaches, most Ann Arbor businesses usually stay open till late at night to celebrate this event. It is held in November. It includes holiday specials in different restaurants and shops. Moreover, you can watch fun performances by the entertainers. This is so much fun for everyone.