Interior Home Contractor Painting: The Process

Painting the interior of a home is a much more delicate process than painting the exterior of a home. Though, most of the steps are the same, the interior process requires a few extra precautions.

Here we will go through the step by step process followed by most traditional home contractor painting companies. This list, of course, is just a basic outline and some companies will add steps to this process; however, if the company you are looking to hire is planning to leave out any of these steps it may be time to look for a new company.

1. Clear The Path

Obviously, when you are painting the inside of any home it is necessary clear a reasonable path so that the painting crew can have sufficient space to do their job. Typically, this requires that all of the furniture is moved to the center of each room.

Once it has been moved to the center of the room, it will then be covered with
Plastic wraps, tarps, or a drop cloth of sorts.

Next, the crew will cover the flooring with drop cloths so as to protect it from paint spillage.

2. Prepare the Surface

This step requires that the home contractor painting crew scan the walls and ceilings. They should fill any cracks or holes, seal any stains, and sand the surface of your walls. This insures that the surface that the paint has a clean and smooth surface to be applied to.

3. Stroke Time!

Now the actual painting begins. The crew will paint as many coats as required to make for a beautiful finish. This, of course, should be to your satisfaction.

4. Have a Look-see

Now it is time for the inspection. Both you and the home contractor painting crew leader will navigate your entire home and be sure that you are thoroughly satisfied for the work you paid for.

5. Clean Up The Mess

Now, for the most exhilarating part of the process; clean up! All floor cloths are removed, all materials are excavated, all messes are cleared, and all the furniture is put back in its proper place.

Before Signing Any Paper Work

Now that you have this information, take it with you in your search for the best team for the job.

My personal suggestion would be to interview the home contractor painting service owner and ask them if they take care of all of these steps. Get a clear idea of what they intend to do and what charges will be incurred for what services.

Make sure that you know exactly where every last dollar of your money is going. If you are working with an honest company, they will have no problem in mapping out this information for you.

In The Meantime

Do a lot of research. Speak with a few different companies. Don’t settle for the cheapest. Settle for the company that you think is going to do a rock star job.

By following the steps in this article, you will finally attain your dream of having a colorful home.