Painting Preparation

Michigan Pure Painting Preparation


Exterior Painting Preparation

Michigan Pure‘s attention to the details from beginning to end is what can separate us from other painting contractors. Our customers have a consistent testimony that describes our knowledge, attention to detail and quality of service. This begins with the preparation process.

  • Full power wash of the surface of the home to clean the surface, and remove dirt and cob webs.
  • Caulking of cracks where caulking has failed.
  • Caulking of nail holes where nails have sunk into the siding.
  • Scrape any loose or peeling paint from the exterior.
  • Sand and prime areas that are chipping or peeling.
  • Wood putty large gaps or holes in trim or siding boards.Replacement of rotten or warped boards.
  • Masking off of roof, bricks, windows, etc…
  • Detergent power wash is done to remove mildew, usually found on the north side of the home.

Interior Preparation Process

  • All of the heavy room furniture is moved to the center of the room and covered with plastic drapes.
  • The flooring is covered with paint-proof drop cloths.
  • Other valuables are covered or moved out of the way.
  • Major cracks in ceilings, walls, and trim are filled and caulked if necessary.
  • Walls and ceilings are prepared by patching up any holes or cracks.
  • Any chips or peeling on the trim is sanded and primed before applying any paint.

Decks & Fences

  • Thorough power wash to clean the surface and open up the pores in the wood.
  • Areas that are oxidized (black) are sanded or wire brushed where necessary.
  • After sanding, the area gets cleaned off again by power wash or a wet rag or towel.