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Our Painting Touch

At Michigan Pure Painting, we care about the satisfaction of our clients and the reputation of our company, so we work hard to provide a quality paint job the first time every time. We pay attention to every detail from the smallest room to the whole building.

We always utilizes high-quality materials in every paint job. We have the expertise to provide the right paint for each job and we are happy to offer some advice on colors if you need it. We even guarantee our work for two to five years.

Why Hire Michigan Pure Painting?

If you are handy around the house, you might decide to paint your interior or exterior yourself. But hiring a professional painting company can make the job easier and ensure that your building looks flawless. Plus, a professional paint job can withstand the test of time with high quality paint matched with the surface and the conditions that might affect it.

Our painters will perform the work while you are busy focusing on other areas of your life. We will take everything off your hands so you won’t have to deal with the prep, the painting process or the cleanup. Our painting crew will take care of every step and leave your home or business in great condition. 

Our Painting Services

Michigan Pure Painting provides a wide variety of painting services. We can handle house painting and commercial painting, no matter the size or design of the structure. We have the tools and expertise to paint irregular areas, fine details and custom structures like stairs, chimneys and trim.

We can also provide both interior painting and exterior painting. When we work indoors, we cover the floors and furniture with tarps and newspaper so that paint only goes on the walls, ceiling and detailing areas. When we’re finished, it will look like we were never there except for the clean, fresh appearance. When we work on the exterior, we will use the correct paint for the surface and the environment so it can last over the years. We can also stain and seal your outdoor wooden patio or deck.

Whether we are providing commercial or residential painting, we have respect for your time and your space. We will strive to work quickly without interfering too much with your personal or professional lives. Nonetheless, we will make sure everything looks perfect before we leave.

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