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Serving Michigan businesses of all sizes since 2014.

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Our Process

Bigger Scope, Same Attention To Detail

While commercial projects are often more complex than residential work, we approach each commercial painting job with the same attention to detail and customer service.


Custom Estimate

Depending on project scope, your Commercial Estimator measures, photographs, and documents any site-specific challenges (e.g. resident-occupied, high-traffic areas, access points, etc). A detailed and transparent project estimate is built, including any repairs or remediation needed prior to painting. Your estimate will also include suggested areas for material lay-down, crew vehicle parking, and facility access points.


Project Planning & Scheduling

We’ll work directly with you to determine the best dates for your project. We will also work with you to plan the project work around other contracted work you may have already (or plan) to schedule. Our goal is always to minimize disruptions for you, the business, and your customers.


Site Prep, Paint, and Clean-Up

All surfaces to be painted are cleaned, and any irregularities are filled in or repaired. Flooring is masked off; furniture, fixtures, appliances, and other areas are covered / taped. Any support structures or equipment needed is put in place (scaffolding, lifts, et cetera). Once painting is ready to begin, our commercial crew paints your commercial space following current best practices. After the final coat is dry, all support structures are broken down and removed, all masking is removed and disposed of, and your space is re-set to its original configuration.


Quality Walk-Through

Your Project Manager will walk you through the space one final time to ensure it meets your expectations and the agreed-upon specifications. We want to make sure that the final result is perfect and that you’re completely satisfied with our work.