At Michigan Pure Painting, we take specific steps in our painting services to offer our clients the best possible paint job for their home or business. Our steps begin with a free painting consultation where we sit down with the homeowner. We listen to the homeowner’s needs. What type of painting job do they want? Then, we get the opportunity to walk through their home helping them to understand more about what we do when we come to paint their home. Once we have done our walkthrough, we sit down with the client to explain to them the details of our painting process. Next, we take some time to draw a carefully calculated painting estimate that will explain everything in detail. Once we have gone over the estimate, we work on booking a date that would be beneficial for our clients. Next, we come to their home for painting preparation. We will do all that we can to make sure your home is protected. Next, we will start the painting process. Our painters are skilled and experienced. Finally, when we are finished, we will walk through your home to make sure you are completely happy with our results.

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