What Causes Fading Paint?

Looking for exterior painters in Michigan? In places like Monroe, Canton, Ann Arbor, and all of Southeast Michigan this is the question being asked constantly about painting. At Michigan Pure Painting, it is one of our main focuses to ensure your house painting job lasts as long as possible. You can see some of the homes we have done anywhere from Ann Arbor to Canton, and from Detroit to Monroe County.

Basically, there are two main ingredients in paint: resin and pigment.

Pigment is the color; this is mainly for aesthetic appeal and is the more enjoyable thing to talk about when re-painting your home. Check out http://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/. They have some awesome programs and apps that help you find the colors that are right for you. To give you a quick starting point in picking the colors you want, the number one rule is using what you already have. If you talking about interior painting, take a look at the colors in the couch you just bought, the counter tops you are in love with, the artwork you can’t live without. Try matching a color in the couch that you already like, or pick something that could be a good compliment to the main color of the piece of furniture. For exterior painting, if you have brick or stone, nice new windows or a new roof, you’ll want to pull something from one of these places, because most likely they will be staying around for a long time (it’s much cheaper to paint than it is to get a new roof or new windows).

But enough about color, we’re here to talk about why the south side of your house looks like it’s 30 years old while the north side looks like it was painted yesterday! Of course in Michigan, especially during those harsh winter months, this isn’t always the case as snow and rain can really damage those areas that don’t get a lot of sun, but sun damage is largest problem we see from our client’s homes at Michigan Pure Painting.

Resin is put in paint as the protector. Without getting too scientific, it has bonding agents that latch the paint onto your siding, masonry, cedar, vinyl, etc. It also has hardeners that act as a cover over your house and help make the resin last as long as possible. Overtime, our sun breaks down this resin and causes the pigment to distort and look uneven. This is the patchy, uneven look you see typically on the west and south sides of your home.

So why does this matter to you? Even if your home may not look the best on the block, should you spend money on getting the whole thing repainted? Although your house may be unpleasant to look at, there is much more at stake if you do not get this resolved. One thing that happens is the sun can dry out the wood and create what is called “dry rot”. If this happens over an extended period of time, your boards become brittle and weak, and will eventually fall apart and have to be replaced. Secondly, the paint chalking off (fading) leaves your siding exposed to other elements such as snow, rain and hail. When water/condensation runs down your siding and sits on your window sills it can (and will) rot through your wood and warp your boards to the point of non-repair. Replacing siding and windows is much more expensive than a re-paint of your home.

That being said, just putting paint over the top of these fading, damaged areas is not recommended. Your will want to wash this failed paint off with a strong pressure washing machine. In some more critical cases where your siding is actually exposed and showing through the old paint, you will also want to have these areas primed. Primer is a thick, glue-like substance that adheres better to wood than paint does, and creates a good surface for paint to latch onto.  After taking these couple of steps, you are ready to put a new coat of paint on your home.

There are many things that are happening to our houses as they sit outside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our sun is needed but is also damaging not just for us but for our homes. When your paint begins to fade and chalk, you want to start considering getting your house re-painted.

For a customized, detailed estimate, you can call Michigan Pure Painting at (734)331-7701, or visit our website at www.MichiganPurePainting.com and enter in a request to have someone come out to your home. When it comes to prep work, we don’t compromise. And when it comes to painting, we’ve got you covered.

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